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For authors
For authors

Article submission guidelines for a medical magazine «Tuberculosis and socially significant diseases».

The editorial board kindly requests the authors to follow the guideline for publishing an article in the magazine «Tuberculosis and socially significant diseases»:

1. The article must be accompanied by an official direction of the institution where it was prepared.

2. The language of the article is Russian.

3. The size of the original articles, including pictures, literature, summary and keywords must not exceed 12 lines, no more than 5 authors for one article. Literature review must not exceed 15 lines.

4. The following information must be attached:

  1. Title;
  2. Initials and surnames of the authors;
  3. Title of institutions and departments in which the article was prepared:
  4. City:
  5. Country.

5. Title of the article should be as brief as it possible, without abbreviations.

6. Due to the Higher Attestation Commission’s latest requirements the information about each author of the article must be stated on a separate piece of paper:

  1. Surname, first name, patronymic;
  2. Position;
  3. Office postal address;
  4. Office telephone number and fax.

7. The article must be signed by each author. It’s necessary to state surname, first name and patronymic, address with postcode, telephone number, fax and e-mail of the author with whom the editorial board will have correspondence.

8. The text of the article (except for lections, reviews and brief statements) must be represented in a certain order with marked paragraphs:

  1. Introduction must contain the subject matter of the article, the goals and problems of the research;
  2. Methods of the research must be enunciated briefly if they are generally accepted.
  3. Results and evaluation (statistical processing of data must be conducted);
  4. Summary and conclusion;
  5. Bibliography;
  6. Abstract and key words.

9. Tables should be printed on separate pieces of paper. They must be compact and their titles must comply with the content of the graphs. All numbers in the graphs must comply with the numbers in the text. Statistical processing of data must be conducted. Acronyms not stated in the text must be explained below the table.

10. Mathematical and chemical formulas must be described clearly.

11. Abbreviations are not permitted in the text except for units of measure.

12. The necessary amount of pictures with captions (including graphs) can be attached to the text.

13. Bibliography must be included on a separate piece of paper. Bibliographic references in the text must be given in square brackets according to the bibliography, formed in alphabetical order: surname and initials of the author, then:

  1. For articles in magazines: article title, magazine title, year, issue, page;
  2. For books and collections: title, place and year of publication;
  3. For thesis: title, scientific degree, city and year.

14. Abstract of the article (except for lections, reviews and brief statements) must be included on a separate piece of paper in Russian (no more than 15 lines) and English. Resume must be formed in a specific order: initials, surname of the author, article title, text and key words.

15. The article must be carefully verified by the author.

16. Articles already published in other magazines are not permitted for publication.

17. The editorial board reserves the right to edit submitted articles.

18. Articles which have received a negative review will not be published in the magazine or returned to the author.

19. Articles violating the following instruction will not be published.

20. Articles (including CD) must be sent by mail at the following address:

107014, Russia, Moscow, Stromynka str., 10.